Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11 Days Till 11 Days

Family and Friends,

It is hard to believe that today is the pinnacle day before our trip. In 11 days, we depart to Italy for 11 days. As I begin to pack and prepare, it still has not truly hit me yet that soon enough our team will be half-way around the world.
As we practiced our mime at our meeting on Sunday night (the Everything Mime by Lifehouse), I was hit with just how powerful it is. It hit me more when one member of our team who went on this trip last year told us that roles, specifically tempting with worldly beauty and partying, would mean a lot to the Italian youth, since it is something that they really struggle with. This mime really shows the power that Satan can have over people, but also the saving power of our Lord. Please be in prayer with us that God will use this mime to His glory and that He will use it a lot, because it has a very powerful message.
Also on Sunday night we heard reports from the other trips that have departed from our church already this summer. I sat there amazed at the things that Christ has done in a week, and got (if possible) even more excited for what Christ will do through us in Italy in a little over a week.

-Michelle Kelley