Thursday, July 7, 2011

The first blog post by one of the guys!

Hey everybody!

This is the 4th day of camp. Last night me and Caroline, and some of our British friends, were given the opportunity to share our testimonies at San Lazzaro church in front of the Wednesday night prayer group. It was really encouraging for me personally because after the service a few older attenders at the church came up to me and said that I had really touched their lives and was a big encouragement to them.

The camp has been going well, and we are all making friends with the Italian kids. It has been interesting to hear about their families since many of them come from difunctional backgrounds. They are all starting ton open up to us, and are telling us about what they believe. The sad thing is that most of them seem to think that if they do enough good works in their lifetime then God will let them into heaven. Please pray that they will become aware of their sin, and know that the only way they can be saved is through Christ, and they can do nothing to save themselves.

Yesterday afternoon we tried out "The Cage"(which is a new evangelistic outreach method). The Cage is basically a circular fence in which you play a 2 v 2 soccer game. At the end of the day we did our mime, which was watched by about 20 people.

This afternoon we are doing The Cage and our mime again. Please pray for it to go well, and that many people would come and see it. Please also pray that the children and their parents would come back on Sunday and listen to the sermon that Mark is preparing at our camp.

-Ollie Garrett


  1. We sure miss you guys! We continue to hold you up in prayer for the message you bring, friendship to others and your safe return. Thanks for the pictures-they look great!

  2. Ollie,
    We're praying for you and the team(s) in Bologna. Thanks for the update.
    Looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you arrive home.
    God bless,