Monday, July 4, 2011

I Bear You Great Tidings!!

We're sorry for the first post being short. The internet in our bungalows, where we are staying, is limited; we are blogging during gelato break at the camp. On Sunday we broke up into three groups and went to different churches (where Spencer spoke and was translated for the natives) and then different houses for a real Italian dinner. Later that evening we met up with the british group from Durham, who we are serving with and took a tour of downtown Bologna. Then we all ate dinner together at a pizzeria. Next we went straight home for we had to wake up early and go to the camp site. All throughout the day we have been making friends and playing different and silly games. Before the gelato break we helped the Italian youth with an English study and incorporated a bible talk from Revalation and how Jesus holds the key to life and death. Later we will be playing water games and half of our group will leave and go to a park to evangelize and invite other italians not a part of our camp to come join us in a soccer/ cage fight of 2 on 2 competition tournament we are holding this weekend. You will hear from us tomorrow during the gelato break! [pictures soon to follow, hopefully].

- Anna Obert

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